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SORRY TO BOTHER YOU | 1 ratings/1 reviews

Fun for sure but almost changes genre half way through. Feels like it’s got Michelle Gondry influence. Perhaps too zany for some. Satisfying ending once you get there rvwd: 1-06-19 

PAPILLON (2017) | 1 ratings/1 reviews
This movie is somewhat entertaining in its own right, but misses out on large parts of the book that I was excited to see. It feels like a romance story at times between papillon and Rami Malek’s character. Where are Papillons two native wives?!?!?! rvwd: 1-06-19 

MEN IN BLACK 3 | 1 ratings/1 reviews
Fun addition to the series. Not as good as the first but way better than the second. Good visuals for the aliens and entertaining for all ages.  rvwd: 1-06-19 

PITCH BLACK | 2 ratings/2 reviews
Enjoyed this one. Entertaining and interesting, will see again. rvwd: 2-08-16 

LAST WITCH HUNTER, THE | 1 ratings/1 reviews
Had a bit of a "Constantine" feel to it but was a really good movie. rvwd: 2-08-16 

GOOSEBUMPS (THE MOVIE) | 1 ratings/1 reviews
Overall it was pretty good, not something I would let my kids watch but, they are under age 8. When they get a bit older I think they will like it  rvwd: 2-08-16 

PIXELS | 1 ratings/1 reviews
We do not usually like Adam Sandler but, my whole family liked this one. It was just a fun and silly movie. rvwd: 2-08-16 

WAYNE'S WORLD | 1 ratings/1 reviews
Excellent! rvwd: 12-15-14 

Probably the scariest movie that Disney ever released. Written by Ray Bradburry, how can you go wrong? This is a prime example of spooky done right! Even after all these years, I still love it! rvwd: 4-18-14 

WAY, WAY BACK, THE | 210 ratings/1 reviews
Really like it! rvwd: 10-29-13 

PUPPY LOVE! LIVING ARF! I MEAN ART! | 2 ratings/2 reviews
WHO IS BARKING?! I am trying and trying and trying to find the barker, but none of these angels seem to be the culprit.

I think there must a second or even third(!) terrarium full of barking puppies. And to those puppies I yell over and over again, "Hey! Quiet you dogs! I'm trying to get my work done!" rvwd: 7-16-13 

JACK THE GIANT SLAYER | 1 ratings/1 reviews
A really fun film. Even my 11 year old daughter thought it was super fun. rvwd: 6-25-13 

HOUSE OF CARDS: SEASON 1: DISC 1 | 1 ratings/1 reviews
Kevin Spacey is amazing as usual. Great writing. His character talks to the viewer a lot and I love that. rvwd: 6-25-13 

Wanted it to be better. It's worth making it to the end, but does tend to drag in spots.  rvwd: 6-25-13 

CALL, THE (2012) | 1 ratings/1 reviews
great suspense! Abigail Breslin is all grown up! rvwd: 6-25-13 

WARM BODIES | 1 ratings/1 reviews
So much better than I thought it would be!  rvwd: 6-25-13 

PARKER | 1 ratings/1 reviews
Violent... with classic revenge plot well acted .. definitely worth watching.  rvwd: 5-22-13 

PITCH BLACK | 2 ratings/2 reviews
Great movie
 rvwd: 4-05-13 

BRIDESMAIDS | 361 ratings/1 reviews
This movie is non-stop hilarity. Driven by a talented, comedic cast, most of which are fresh off of the stage at SNL. It's the girl's version of "The Hangover" but much, much better. Kirsten Wiig is amazing in this movie, as well as Rebel Williams who, although playing a small part, stands out with her hilarious, improvised one-liners. You must rent the extended version, some of the best scenes are in it. Love it!  rvwd: 11-17-12 

DIRTY DANCING: HAVANA NIGHTS | 1 ratings/1 reviews
"Dirty Dancing" needed no sequel. Two thumbs down.  rvwd: 11-17-12 

LITTLE WOMEN | 1 ratings/1 reviews
I grew up watching this move, and it is near and dear to my heart. I know there are other versions, older versions, that follow the book much better. But, I feel that this film is well-acted, and brings the spirit of the novel to light. It has an amazing cast. It's the kind of movie that makes you appreciate your family, and feel right at home.  rvwd: 11-17-12 

HUNGER GAMES, THE | 10 ratings/2 reviews
I read the entire book series when I heard they were going to make a movie out of it. And to be honest, I am very anti-movies being made from books. But I thought this movie did the book justice. It followed the plot amazingly and brought the characters I loved to life, along with the broken world they live in. I highly recommend this movie. rvwd: 11-17-12 

TEMPLE GRANDIN | 3 ratings/1 reviews
"Temple Grandin" is a non-stop, heartwarming biopic about the real Temple Grandin, a woman who struggled with autism and, despite all the odds her mental disorder threw her way, overcame and became a professor amongst many other things. This film follows her life, and through amazing visual effects, the audience can see the world as Temple does. This is a movie that makes you happy to be alive.  rvwd: 11-17-12 

SUCKER PUNCH | 1 ratings/1 reviews
I had my hesitations going into this movie; the trailer was your basic action flick showing random shots of half-naked girls and big explosions. But then I watched it. And I fell in love. The visual effects are surprisingly awesome and the plot deems itself worthy to the confusion of Inception. And let me say one more thing....there is an action scene in Mordor. It's a must-see.  rvwd: 11-17-12 

TIM & ERIC'S BILLION DOLLAR MOVIE | 1 ratings/1 reviews
super disappointing!
in the movie, tim and eric get a huge sum of money to make a film. they instead decide to spend it all on frivolous things, but still find themselves obligated by contract to produce a movie... so they pull a bunch of junk together and...
you can tell that this is pretty much what tim and eric did in real life. the jokes aren't funny, the other incredible comedians are wasted on roles that aren't funny, it's just a bunch of absurd junk thrown in front of a camera... and it's not funny. it's gross, it's weird, but not funny.
i do, however, recommend for the more adventurous viewer, "tim and eric's awesome show, great job!" if you want something so absolutely surreal that you can't help but laugh at it, it's great! but this movie is nothing but a big huge flop and a waste of time. stay far, far, far away from it! rvwd: 11-17-12